Water Damage Investigation and Moisture Mapping London

Water Damage Investigation and Moisture MappingBuilding moisture intrusion may not only cause damage to the building!

But may also be a major health hazard for the occupants; breathing mould growth spores is often unnoticed, but over time, can lead to asthma, bronchitis and severe lung infections. Insulation problems, water intrusion and ineffective ventilation can all be causal of moisture and mould growth.

Water Damage has a team of qualified IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technicians who are further qualified Thermal Imaging Specialists; when water damage occurs, we are the experts and professionals.

Water Damage Investigation Using a Thermal Imaging Survey

thermal imaging survey will detects leaks and water damage problems and provide you with visual evidence of the locations and extent of areas of mould, damp or wet walls.

A thermal imaging survey is the leading, non-invasive, method for highlighting problems that cause mould,  identifying water ingress points, and establishing the genesis of mould growth. Surveys are conducted without having to destroy or cut into any of the building, and we produce a professional report, beyond the required standard of insurance companies,  within 72 hours of completing the survey. The thermal imaging report will contain thermal images, digital images, analysis, moisture readings, and our recommendations.

Thermal Imaging Moisture Assessment

Our trained level 2 thermal imaging specialists are also equipped with high quality Moisture Measurement equipment. We use high quality protimeters which apply a non-invasive radio frequency (ultrasound) to measure the depth of the damp below the surface of any material.

We are then able to combine both types of technology (the thermal imaging surveillance equipment and the moisture meter) to be provide an accurate area of contamination; a map of where the moisture has affected the material, and currently resides. We are able to do this with both minor, and major water damage constructions.

These very same methods are applied to flat roofs to determine water ingress points, water damaged roofs, areas of saturated decking, and to determine other problem areas including heat and energy loss. See Flat Roof Thermography for more information.

Flood Damage Assessment

Flood damage assessment surveys can be carried out within properties to identify the extent of any water damage, identify the location of the leak or to demonstrate to insurers that leaks have occurred. Again, our trained and qualified Water Restoration Technicians and Thermal Imaging Specialists will attend the scene and provide a professional report mapping all moisture and water damage, and make recommendations regarding restoration and repair.

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