Water Removal Services London

Water Removal Services London

Water Removal Services London – Flooding emergency or trying to prevent water damage?

How you react within the first 24 hours of localised flooding within your home or business is crucial; there are some basic steps you can take yourself that can save you thousands of pounds on restoration and rebuilding costs.

Whether or not you choose to pay for the services of a water removal professional largely depends on the extent of the water damage and the total volume of standing water. The necessity for speed in water removal is driven by the potential mould growth. Certain kinds of dangerous moulds can begin to form in as little as 48 hours under common conditions.

If you have no visible standing water, it may be possible for you to sop up extra moisture and just use basic drying techniques such as circulating air (fans) and consumer-grade dehumidifiers. These methods are obviously inexpensive or free since no special equipment is required. However, air drying can be relatively slow depending on location, weather, exposure to sunlight, and so forth.

Professional Water Removal Services London

The professionals at Water Damage have several more sophisticated techniques on hand to be used for immediate water removal where a large volume of water remains.

First and foremost, safety is paramount; water removal professionals are trained to locate and neutralize sources of electricity which can be extremely dangerous after a flood.

Once safe, they will enter the area with powerful submersible pumps and heavy duty vacuums to quickly remove water and prevent further damage to the structure and your possessions. After the bulk of the water has been removed, there are units for both thermal and freeze-based quick-drying of materials before mould has a chance to form.

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