Water Damage Insurance Claims London

Water Damage Insurance Claims LondonClaiming for water damage on your insurance?

We can help you get your claim accepted! When the time comes and you need to make a claim on your household insurance policy it’s often under stressful circumstances, like when part or all of your home is under water.

We know this is a terribly trying experience. The last thing you want to have to do at this time is to contact several companies to arrange for multiple quotes to give to your insurer. Nor do you need the added hassle of an inexperienced water removal contractor. That’s why you need a company like Water Damage – we are highly experienced in dealing with UK insurance work and are a leading name when it comes to property restoration following water damage perils. Our systemised method of handling insurance repair claims always meets the highest standards of water damage restoration and repair.

Water Damage Insurance Claim

We explain everything we do beforehand and document all work to justify our prices.

Insurance companies have high expectations of. As a leading Water Damage repair and restoration organisation, we strive to maintain our good name by ensuring a continuous and complete drying, repair, and building restoration service is offered to all of our clients.

Major insurance firms know we provide qualified and skilled staff who are able to extract the unwanted water from your home or businesses and rapidly set up dehumidification and drying units to prevent further loss. We provide a full certification of drying service using British Standard moisture mapping equipment, and ensuring a record of your water damage peril is secured.

We maintain regular communication with your insurance company on your behalf to assist with the completion and payment of the insurance claim. Our staff are fully trained and certified in estimating water damage losses with calibrated software and S500 British Standard moisture mapping tools.

The accuracy of our estimates means that most insurance companies accept our estimates and specification of works promptly, expediting the beginning of work. After the claim has been approved, we begin by deploying our water damage experts to the property to begin Structural Drying (if required), Water Damage Restoration, and to undertake all aesthetic reparations to put the home back into your property.

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We Provide a Full Range of Services for Water Damage Throughout London:

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