Certificate of Dryness London

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Certificate of Dryness LondonCertificate of Dryness London.

At Water Damage, we are IICRC qualified to provide certification of dryness, and we can dry the property to the S500 British Standard. Applied structural drying is an art; not only do we respond within 48 hours with a full range of equipment, but we assess the moisture content of all materials and provide an accurate estimate of the time the property will take to dry!

A certification of dryness can be an essential document when dealing with insurance claims. With a certification of dryness, we can document the condition of the property so that you can move forwards with confidence, and use your certification of dryness to prove the property was dry at the time of certification of dryness, and therefore any subsequent damp, has occurred after the date on the certification of dryness.

Need a Certificate of Dryness in London?

If your property has experienced water damage, it may or may not be your fault. Either way, you will need to establish whether you are going to claim through your insurance or deal with it yourself. Whatever happens, it is necessary to ensure that a moisture map (a record of what is wet, how wet, and to what extent and where) is documented. Once this information is known, we can tell you how long it will take to dry, and what equipment we will need to use to dry the property.

We can then sign off the drying works once the drying project has been completed, and issue certificates of dryness on each area of the property that was affected. These can then be used at any time in the future to prove that the areas in question were dried using S500 British Standard techniques, and to the correct standard, and to what extent it was water damaged prior to the works. If at a later date you are subject to a second bout of water damage, you can provide evidence that the property was dried to the correct standards at a specific period of time, and therefore prove that the water damage is new.

How Much is Certification of Dryness Going to Cost Me?

If you are covered by your insurance; it will cost you nothing in the long run as insurance companies normally always pay for all investigative and diagnostic works. If you use our services to dry the property, and hire dehumidifiers, fans, or desiccant driers, from us, then we will issue certification of dryness upon completion of the drying project absolutely free. However, if you wish to hire our certification of dryness services outside of a drying project or outside of an insurance claim, costs may vary depending on your location.

Prices start at £10.00 per area certified excluding initial call out fee (dependent upon your location).

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