Leak Detection – Leaking Wall & Leaking Window

Leak Detection - Do you have a leaking wall from all of this bad London weather? We are on call 24/7 to help you with your water damage during this cold, wet winter. We have had multiple enquiries regarding leaking walls and leaking windows, and we are here to help. Contact us at info@waterdamage.co.uk or 07743371384 and we can discuss with … [Read more...]

Finding a Leak

Finding a Leak - Sometimes finding the leak can be the most costly part of the job. No one wants to rip up their floor or take down their ceiling to find a leak that they cannot locate. So, you call Water Damage .co.uk and we come out and find your leaks for you! We will use thermal imaging and ultrasound testing to find your leak even when it is … [Read more...]

Leak Detection Specialists

Leak Detection Specialists - Do you have a leak and need to find out where the water is coming from? At WaterDamage.co.uk we specialise in leak detection. We specialise in three different types of primary non destructive leak detection methods: Thermal imaging leak detection Ultrasound leak detection Electronic and acoustic leak … [Read more...]

Finding A Leaking Pipe Through A Ceiling Using A Thermal Imaging Camera

Finding A Leaking Pipe - Our in house ITC qualified Infrared Thermal Imaging Specialists provide an invaluable diagnostic service ranging from leak detection, to water damage mapping and electrical fault finding. Because of their physical properties, some materials transmit heat better than others. Water is a fairly compact collection of … [Read more...]