How to Repair A Water Damaged Ceiling

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Water Damaged Ceiling

Water Damaged Ceiling – Have you had the misfortune of suffering from a Water Damaged Ceiling? 

We’ve been at this game for years. We’ve picked up loads of experience and honed our skills to make any job quick and efficient. You may want to try these repairs for yourself.

Remember you can give us a call anytime.

Be Aware of the following:-

Things can go wrong and if they do you may find your property with more than a nasty brown stain on the ceiling. We’re talking about mould and we’re talking long term rot problems that could effect the value of your property. Water Damage can pose a serious problem to your health too!

 Step of Repairing a Water Damaged Ceiling

Kill The Mold – Get yourself a cheap spray bottle and fill it with 1 part bleach to 2 parts water. Spray the damaged area. This will kill the mold problem and start the removal of the stain.

Remember: Keep the area well ventilated to guard against bleach inhalation.

Allow the ceiling to dry.

Second – Prime & Paint

Paint over the stain with a strong primer and stain-blocker. This has two purposes, first it covers the stain and second it will ‘seal’ the ceiling. Be sure to find the best by taking advice from us or a local DIY store.

Replacing The Drywall of Your Water Damaged Ceiling

You’re going to have to think positive and be realistic when you do this. Is the water damaged ceiling repairable? Should a professional replace it? If you are sure you can handle it then:-

  • Cut the drywall to reveal the joists.
  • Secure and mark any wiring.
  • Remove any water damaged material
  • Measure your new drywalling and cut to size,
  • Hang the sheets (you’ll need help here).
  • Apply a thin layer of joint compound to cover the screws or nails.
  • Tape over the area that you applied the compound and apply more.
  • When dry sand till smooth.
  • Apply your favourite paint.


Top Tip When Repairing Your Water Damaged Ceiling

Don’t tackle drywall replacement without support. It’s not as simple as it looks.

Call us it Costs Nothing and we can make sure your water damaged ceiling is fully repaired as if the damage never happened!

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