London Water Damage

London Water Damage - Do you have water damage to your building in London? We are here to help. We will send an operative to attend and conduct a moisture mapping exercise, non-destructive water damage/ water ingress investigation, and thermal imaging leak detection survey, with the aim of documenting the pathology of reported ingress, and to … [Read more...]

Water Damage Leak Detection

  Water Damage Leak Detection - Do you need to find a leak? Water damage really sucks, especially when you come back to it after a nice long christmas and new years break, but don't worry, we are here to help! At Water Damage we use specialist thermal imaging leak detection equipment to quickly and accurately find the source of your … [Read more...]

Wet Ceiling Collapses, Drying Wet Walls

Wet Ceiling Collapses - When you tank in your attic leaks, when a pipe in the loft bursts, or when you suffer a leak or water damage from above, depending on how bad it is, it may cause your ceiling to collapse. That's right. If enough of the ceiling gets wet, it will become too heavy to support itself and fall down. This isn't a … [Read more...]

Flood and Water Damage in Hampstead

Flood and Water Damage - This basement flat was water damage from flooding water escaping from the flat above, even though some of the flats in this block in Hampstead have only just been renovated the problem with flooding water is still there, whilst the renovation of the flat above was being undertaken the basement flat was flooded out … [Read more...]

Frozen Pipes Causing Water Damage in Harrow

Frozen Pipes Causing Water Damage in Harrow - This new build house in Harrow is highly insulated however the owner went away for two weeks over the freezing weather and came back to a burst pipe. Luckily  for them that turned the water off before they went however on there return they turned the water supply on and the burst pipe flooded the … [Read more...]

Flood And Water Damage At A Property In Harrow

Flood And Water Damage - After the recent cold weather across London and the suburb's we have had numerous call outs for water damage drying and repairs. This property in Harrow was flooded when the owners were away on holiday they returned to the following flood damage to there house. Flood And Water Damage Clean Up Because of the very cold … [Read more...]

Water Damage to House in Hampstead

Water Damage to House in Hampstead - At this time of year flooding and water damage from burst pipes in empty properties can course severe damage, this photo was taken after a pipe burst in this newly refurbished house. Apart from the damage that has occurred from the flooding water, there is now a problem with the insurance, is the … [Read more...]

Water Damage New Build Property in Hampstead

The owner of this property had only just purchased it when she found water damage in one of the bedrooms. The water was getting down behind the plasterboard wall and had saturated the floor. Water Damage New Build Property Problem The problem was from a burst pipe in the bathroom and because nobody had bean living in the property for some … [Read more...]

How to Repair A Water Damaged Ceiling

Water Damaged Ceiling - Have you had the misfortune of suffering from a Water Damaged Ceiling?  We’ve been at this game for years. We’ve picked up loads of experience and honed our skills to make any job quick and efficient. You may want to try these repairs for yourself. Remember you can give us a call anytime. Be Aware of the … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Safeguarding Your Home Against Flood Damage

Is your home vulnerable to water damage? It might not be now but you need to be prepared. Here’s our handy water damage check list. The best possible 5 tips accumulated from 30 years of experience. 1. Clean Drains The first danger you can solve is to remove the build up of leaves and debris from your drains. It’s surprising how many times we … [Read more...]