Flood and Water Damage in Hampstead

Flood and Water Damage

Flood and Water Damage – This basement flat was water damage from flooding water escaping from the flat above, even though some of the flats in this block in Hampstead have only just been renovated the problem with flooding water is still there, whilst the renovation of the flat above was being undertaken the basement flat was flooded out twice.

Flood and Water Damage Repairs & Restoration

The concrete floors you can see in the photo are completely saturated, the water penetrated the carpet and is now sitting between the floors damp proof membrane and the top surface, the only way for this moister to escape will be by evaporations we are making sure that the environment is perfect for this to happen. First the temperature of the room has been raising to around 22c then dehumidifiers and air moving fans are used to help create the damp moist air.

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