Water Damage Ealing

Water Damage Ealing - Escaping water from Kitchens and bathrooms coursing water damage to flats and rooms below is a more common event than one may think, during a year 90% of the water damage repair works we undertake is probably from burst pipes in Kitchens bathrooms. Particular areas are more prone for this to happen, areas that have flats … [Read more...]

Flood and Water Damage in Hampstead

Flood and Water Damage - This basement flat was water damage from flooding water escaping from the flat above, even though some of the flats in this block in Hampstead have only just been renovated the problem with flooding water is still there, whilst the renovation of the flat above was being undertaken the basement flat was flooded out … [Read more...]

Water Damage to House in Hampstead

Water Damage to House in Hampstead - At this time of year flooding and water damage from burst pipes in empty properties can course severe damage, this photo was taken after a pipe burst in this newly refurbished house. Apart from the damage that has occurred from the flooding water, there is now a problem with the insurance, is the … [Read more...]

Mouldy Timber & Water Damage

Mouldy Timber & Water Damage - Water damage repairs and rotted timbers go together, if you don't get to the bottom of a problem and dry it out quickly new softwood stud walls tend to decay very quickly. Using dehumidifiers can help the drying process however striping out all the water damaged plaster walls and insulation helps let the … [Read more...]