Damp Survey 

Conducting a damp survey using thermal imaging and ultrasound can be one of the most effective non destructive ways of accumulating data. Our subsequently compiled reports can help facility insurance claims, as well as provide vital information required to move forward. A damp survey involves many aspects of building pathology. To conduct a … [Read more...]

Wet Ceiling Collapses, Drying Wet Walls

Wet Ceiling Collapses - When you tank in your attic leaks, when a pipe in the loft bursts, or when you suffer a leak or water damage from above, depending on how bad it is, it may cause your ceiling to collapse. That's right. If enough of the ceiling gets wet, it will become too heavy to support itself and fall down. This isn't a … [Read more...]

Drying a Water Damaged Property (Days 3 & 4)

Drying a Water Damaged Property - Day 3; we decided to remove he skirting board and drill several of holes into the brickwork that could be easily filled once the drying had finished. Gravity is our friend during water damage jobs and therefore if we pumped hot air in from a desiccant using a compressor, we could dry the cavity from the inside … [Read more...]

Drying A Water Damaged Property (Days 1 & 2)

Drying A Water Damaged Property - Water Damage were contacted by a client who had suffered a class 3 loss from category 2 water. the water storage tank on the roof had split and filled the roof like a swimming pool. The flat roof had parapet walls on all four sides of it and all the drains were blocked from leaves and debris. This meant that … [Read more...]

Water Damage Ealing

Water Damage Ealing - Escaping water from Kitchens and bathrooms coursing water damage to flats and rooms below is a more common event than one may think, during a year 90% of the water damage repair works we undertake is probably from burst pipes in Kitchens bathrooms. Particular areas are more prone for this to happen, areas that have flats … [Read more...]

Flood And Water Damage At A Property In Harrow

Flood And Water Damage - After the recent cold weather across London and the suburb's we have had numerous call outs for water damage drying and repairs. This property in Harrow was flooded when the owners were away on holiday they returned to the following flood damage to there house. Flood And Water Damage Clean Up Because of the very cold … [Read more...]

Water Damage to House in Hampstead

Water Damage to House in Hampstead - At this time of year flooding and water damage from burst pipes in empty properties can course severe damage, this photo was taken after a pipe burst in this newly refurbished house. Apart from the damage that has occurred from the flooding water, there is now a problem with the insurance, is the … [Read more...]

Water Damaged Balcony Ceiling

This balcony is on a new property and is still under the builders guarantee, however the builder has gone bust and the owners of this flat have a problem. The water is leaking through the roof and has damaged the lower ceiling, the customer is trying to claim from the insurance, and in the meantime he is going to get the work completed. Now … [Read more...]