Drying a Water Damaged Property (Days 3 & 4)

Drying a Water Damaged Property - Day 3; we decided to remove he skirting board and drill several of holes into the brickwork that could be easily filled once the drying had finished. Gravity is our friend during water damage jobs and therefore if we pumped hot air in from a desiccant using a compressor, we could dry the cavity from the inside … [Read more...]

Drying A Water Damaged Property (Days 1 & 2)

Drying A Water Damaged Property - Water Damage were contacted by a client who had suffered a class 3 loss from category 2 water. the water storage tank on the roof had split and filled the roof like a swimming pool. The flat roof had parapet walls on all four sides of it and all the drains were blocked from leaves and debris. This meant that … [Read more...]

Investigating Water Damage in Your Home

Investigating Water Damage - Perhaps the most common of hazards of home ownership water damage can strike anywhere in your property, a blocked overflow pipe, a careless neighbour or tenant leaves a tap running. A pipe ‘lost’ to extensive renovation corrodes. All of these can happen at any time and you will need the confidence of professionals … [Read more...]