Wet Ceiling Collapses, Drying Wet Walls

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Wet Ceiling Collapses

Wet Ceiling Collapses – When you tank in your attic leaks, when a pipe in the loft bursts, or when you suffer a leak or water damage from above, depending on how bad it is, it may cause your ceiling to collapse.

That’s right. If enough of the ceiling gets wet, it will become too heavy to support itself and fall down. This isn’t a common occurrence, but it does happen. Take a look at this collapsed ceiling in a house in Croydon, South London. The ceiling collapsed before we arrived due to the water’s weight. It was our job to remove the debris, and dry the structural walls which had absorbed a lot of water.

What to do When Your Ceiling Collapses

Swiftly, the property owners contacted us, and, within 24 hours we were at the scene of the collapsed ceiling caused by the leak and water damage. We cleaned up the collapsed ceiling debris, and we went about measuring the walls to find out how wet they were and to establish how long it would take for them to dry. We then brought in our drying equipment. The ceiling didn’t simply collapse and take the water away with it. No. The walls had absorbed all the water from the leak and the water damage to the walls was measurable at 99.99WMCE. This means that the walls were completely saturated. So drying was the next step, otherwise the house would smell terrible and no matter what you put on the walls or against the walls, the water would transfer through and damage that also.

Drying Equipment

Often, different equipment is required to dry different properties, depending on how porous they are… After all, when a ceiling collapses, it opens up the attic… We only want to dry the water damaged areas, not the air that comes up through the eaves and flows into the attic. Therefore, we tented off the attic by stapling plastic to the joists where the ceiling had collapsed. This created a barrier from the attic and helped focus the drying on the room and walls below.

Speak to a specialist today. We are here to help with your collapsed ceiling. We are here to help with all your drying out and water damage needs. Call us today and lets get that collapsing or collapsed ceiling fixed.

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